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Masonry Tuck Point Restoration

Masonry Tuck Point Restoration in Wash Park, Denver

Assessment: Jeff called us as a referral from a friend who #GOTLIMED and later gave us a raving review based on the seriousness of prep needed for the project—prep work that other painters would not do. His solid brick house was built in 1904 and had multiple layers of thick lead-based paint that was starting to flake off, peel, and show multiple colors as it deteriorated. The concrete mortar seams between the brick were rapidly deteriorating into powder and running down and discoloring the sides of the home and damaging the integrity of the water seal. Multiple cracks had developed in water prone areas and were allowing moisture to be trapped within the home and accelerate the problem. Jeff chose LIME for the project based on our experience with severely distressed homes and the fact that we do it right with quality prep and products that last an average of ten years.

Advice: This home needed in-depth advanced and aggressive prep before being painted. LIME arranged our team of experienced masons to grind out every seam on almost three total sides of the home and both chimneys. Entire sections and any failing spot areas were the prime focus of our attention. Next, we installed new mortar on all three sides, on the chimney, and on other random spots where integrity was lost. After the mortar cured, we power washed away all the dust and performed a thorough clean-up of the yard and around the home. Finally, the home was ready for special primers and super thick paint to hide years of coatings and deterioration. It is very common and equally important to tuck point old painted brick homes before simply “just painting them.” #GreenStandsForQuality.


One of LIME’s favorite places to serve is Washington Park. It is one of Denver’s favorite hip areas to live with tree-lined streets and a fabulous outdoor lifestyle set around a 161-acre park. Locals compare it to Central Park in New York City, which may be an exaggeration, but “Wash Park” is a beautiful place and one of the most popular locations to visit for “Denverites.”