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Painted Brick Restoration

Painted Brick Restoration Project in Cheesman Park


This highly desired neighborhood frequently has homes displaying the Lime Painting yard sign and homeowners here have recognized Lime as a trusted coatings company.

Assessment: This brick home had shown signs of multiple types of substrates experiencing fading, cracking, and peeling. This home had an original all brick detached garage that was built with a softer brick and mortar. With time moisture had really worn paint completely away particularly on the top ledge of the garage and the base of the garage as moisture had plenty of time to penetrate the paint and break the weak adhesion the paint had to the brick.  The wood trim on this home had also experienced rot in areas of the eaves resulting in an overall distressed look for the home.

Advise: First thing was first on this home, ensure integrity on the brick! Lime knew to apply the Premium Exterior Paint, Duration; but the durability of the paint would count on the prepped surface. With that said Lime called for entirely pre priming the garage with Prime RX Peel Bond primer to ensure the soft brick and failed paint would be held together to create an A+ surface for Duration to live on. Lime extended this practice to the brick on the rest of the home, by spot priming failed areas. Although the homeowners enjoyed the vines on the north side of the home Lime knew that for the project to be complete it was necessary to remove the vines prior to painting and allow the vines to grow back next season. A Lime color consultation gave the home a lasting impression and the homeowners are quick to refer Lime to anyone looking for a coating specialist.