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Standard Siding Restoration

Standard Siding Restoration The North Ranch, Ken Caryl Village


The North Ranch within the Ken Caryl Valley is home to nearly thirty of LIME’s clients, with almost half being referrals. LIME Painting has a very strong brand presence within the North Ranch, as we have serviced homes on nearly every block.

ASSESSMENT: Cedar siding homes are often found in this beautiful subdivision, and, due to the harsh climates, can often weather quicker if top-quality products were not used in the past. LIME noticed the normal sun-faded spots on areas of the home that were not shaded. The paint was cracking and peeling on the shaded areas of the siding specifically in water prone areas with not much sun exposure. LIME noted a large deck with railings and floorboards that had failed paint product and identified damaged boards that lacked integrity. This large home was about to #GETLIMED!

ADVICE: LIME’s largest crew tackled this project beginning with the normal power wash to remove chalking and dirt, followed by thorough prep of all the seams and joints with elastomeric caulking. Then LIME dove in to the carpentry and our crews replaced dozens of boards. We scraped and spot primed all the following water prone areas: siding boards, drip edges, the roof line, and all horizontal ledges. The primer used is a restoration primer that is eighty times thicker than Kilz and perfect for a project with this type of wear. With an ideal profile for paint to be applied to, LIME sprayed a thick final topcoat of Sherwin Williams Duration Satin, which is almost 200% thicker than an average paint. LIME understands that quality prep and quality products will protect this home’s exterior for ten plus years and ensure a beautiful finish. The results were evidence that this homeowner made the right choice and he happily submitted a review and video review, which you can see under our “testimonies” tab.