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Stucco Restoration

Stucco Restoration Project in Hilltop, Denver


The lovely Hilltop neighborhood gets its name from the fact that it is higher in elevation than the surrounding parts of the city. Located in the heart of Denver with around 66,000 people and home to dozens and dozens of highly satisfied LIME Painting clients, Hilltop is quick to refer us to friends, family, and neighbors. For that, we are grateful!

Assessment: David called LIME because he received our flyer on his door. He recently purchased a beautiful home that was not well taken care of and that had multiple needs. Upon the walk-through estimate I noticed that the home had the wrong sized gutters for the large style tile roof. This caused additional weathering on the stucco and soffits. Gutters are the single most important item to keep snow and water off the home and to protect your stucco and paint. There were multiple cracks in the stucco body and many small horizontal and vertical cracks proceeding from and around many of the windows. There were some sun-spotting and fading spots in some areas as the stucco had never been coated or painted. I noticed that the large stucco fence on the back of the property also had issues at the joints and seams and the top ledge was weathering due to the stucco layer being too thin. That issue caused large holes to develop throughout the top of the ledges as a result of water and snow resting on it many years.

Advice: First, LIME recommended replacing gutters with the proper larger 6” gutters and downspouts to allow proper water drainage and to balance out the masculine look with the larger roof tiles. Second, we thoroughly power washed, caulked, peel bond primed, and stucco patched all of the areas on the home that needed it. We focused additional prep by lightly caulking around the outside of the stucco windows to the wood trim itself due to the thinning stucco around the window seams. LIME also put a new stucco patch topcoat over the top of the thin stucco ledge around the large fence in the back of the home. After all prep was finished, Ernesto performed the audit and we finished with a beautiful thick topcoat of SW Duration Satin, which is twice as thick as average paints and will prolong life, repel water, and has a beautiful sheen that reflects the sun and keeps the beautiful color in the paint.