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Stucco Restoration

Stucco Restoration Project in Pinehurst Country Club


Pinehurst has one of Denver’s most premier country clubs and is home to nearly twenty satisfied LIME clients. The main substrates are cedar and stucco—two of LIME’s specialties.

Project snapshot: This was the first project within the Pinehurst Country Club and set a new standard for the residents within the community for what a quality paint job represented. This particular homeowner’s advocacy of LIME’s process was profound in launching a summer of projects for us within the Pinehurst development. We extensively prepped and sealed this three-story stucco home. Upon the completion of the house, LIME was requested to service the concrete and brick paver substrates. These substrates were heavily worn and porous and beginning to corrode. In particular, the $30K driveway was filled with weeds and visually porous. To restore this driveway, LIME started by power washing the existing sand and weeds from each brick paver. We then applied a fresh new layer of sand between each paver. Finally, we applied two coats of a high performance paver sealer to ensure adequate performance from hot tires and direct water and snow exposure. These concrete surfaces have been beautifully restored and make a lasting impression on guests and neighbors.