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Table Restoration Project

Table Restoration Project in Heritage Greens

Assessment: After we painted this client’s home—both exterior and interior—he made a special request. His ping pong table had become scratched when his teenage daughters played a game with a metal can. There were obvious shallow gouge marks and discoloration across the table along with some chipping wood near the net area. He didn’t know if we could fix it to the level and custom look he wanted. After evaluating the project, we were confident we could deliver because #GreenStandsForQuality. We also had some custom suggestions that surprised the client and piqued his curiosity.

Advice: LIME created a spray station in the middle of the client’s basement living room. We masked, taped, and set up the station properly. First, we removed the nets, performed a light consistent sand, and wood filled and sanded patches near the net. Once we achieved the proper smoothness, we set up our spray guns. In order to achieve a custom look, we had to spray everything. We spray primed the table then sanded, then spray primed again and sanded. Next, we sprayed the top coating, sanded, and sprayed again. After we finished the body, we taped off the entire table to repaint actual ping pong lines. We surprised the client by suggesting that, instead of painting the table the traditional dark green and white, we should paint it the same color we just painted the walls and trim (dark brown/light beige). The client thought this was a marvelous idea, so we proceeded. Finally, we finished with spraying two-three thin layer clear coats to protect the finish. He was ecstatic and has since referred us to multiple clients in Heritage Greens as well as a project at the Clubhouse.


Heritage Greens is a picturesque subdivision of 578 homes and one of Metro Denver’s premier south suburban neighborhoods. LIME Painting is honored to have restored dozens of homes there in the last three years, including painting the beautiful Heritage Greens Clubhouse.