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Tudor Restoration Project

Tudor Restoration Project in Preserve


This Greenwood Village subdivision is home to some of the most luxurious homes of the Metro area with many custom applications right up LIME’s alley.

Assessment: This Tudor was the culprit of failed caulk lines (water seal) and had resulted in the need for carpentry work to ensure a maximum water seal on the home to prevent further damage. For the untrained eye this rather newer home did not need carpentry. But as LIME walked through and did the initial assessment, the Advisor pressed on eleven boards at the joint and found that the boards were rotted. He also noticed a large crack along a curved window trim board that would be best to replace.

Advice: The inconspicuous nature of this home’s trim caused LIME to do a thorough quality check on all boards, even if they seemed to be in good shape. It turned out that a total of twenty-three boards needed replacement. Once new boards were installed, LIME sealed all joints and seams on the home to ensure that moisture could not begin to make the paint turn over prematurely and rot the boards. LIME always uses a premium caulking that complements the topcoat paint extremely well, and when used together will leave a lasting impression for years to come.