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Wet Seal Restoration

Wet Seal Restoration Project in Mesa View Estates

Assessment: During a routine job audit of the house next door to this one, we looked over and saw extreme weathering, discoloration, and fading on the neighbor’s driveway. So we knocked on the door, introduced ourselves, and provided our assessment. The client asked to come outside and walk around, then explained how the deterioration of the driveway coating had been plaguing her mind for quite some time, as the rest of the home looked beautiful, but the driveway stood out like a sore thumb. We shared that the longer a concrete driveway or coating goes without being sealed, the more it will cost in the long run to restore it properly. We explained the value of routine maintenance to prevent costly repairs. We knew we could catch the problem early before it required additional service fees. With the proper scope of work, this client would soon be happy once again.

Advice: Our first step was to power wash the entire driveway surface with a commercial quality 4200 PSI unit. Unlike LIME, many contractors use a lesser or average quality PSI power washer which does not produce high quality results. LIME meticulously covered every square inch of the large drive holding the tip exactly 3-4 inches above the surface and keeping that same distance as we slowly and consistently swept back and forth. After allowing the concrete to dry, we taped off any excess areas we did not want to get product on. Next, we applied the first coat of the highest quality sealer we have found. The product is a commercial grade “Techni Seal” wet seal coating. After it was sprinkled on the surface and rolled into the concrete pores, we allowed for dry time. Then we applied the second and final coat. Not all driveways require a second coat, but it is highly recommended especially when they have never been sealed or have extreme weathering. Also, the rougher the texture the more the product will soak in, and two coats allow for a nicer sheen topcoat. The client was thrilled that no additional color staining was needed and was extremely happy with the look!


Heritage Greens is a picturesque subdivision of 578 homes and one of Metro Denver’s premier south suburban neighborhoods. LIME Painting is honored to have restored dozens of homes in the last three years, including painting the beautiful Heritage Greens Clubhouse.