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Assessment: This beautiful Hilltop home had seen Lime around for years at this point and when the knowledgeable advisor met with the homeowner they were all ears! Lime’s first point of reference was that the stucco was extremely dry, leaving a chalky and worn look to the substrate. The wood windows and doors  had very poor adhesion in many areas leaving a very distressed and unprotected finish and exposed wood. The gutters on the home had some broken seals and had faded with age. The homeowners were thrilled when they found out Lime could service the stucco with the right products all while getting the other typically painted items such as trim taken care of with excellence.


Advise: The first order of business was to educate the homeowners on the stucco process and care, so Lime advised a thick coat of Loxon XP with a spray and back roll method. This would ensure uniform product application as well as proper adhesion into the texture of the stucco. Since the stucco had never been painted, Lime would run beads of elastomeric caulk to seal where two substrates meet including where the wood windows meet the stucco. Due to Limes expertise in coatings, the homeowner was happy to know that their desire to change the color scheme would come full circle as Lime was able to paint the metal doors and gates throughout the home with a premium metal coating and this established a great aesthetic. The home called for a generous amount of peel bond primer to ensure the exposed wood, would have a tough and ideal profile for the paint to adhere to. Limes go-to exterior paint “Duration By Sherwin Williams” was a no-brainer and it once again did not disappoint!