after ceiling patch
after front stucco
after window
balcony after
balcony before
before window
stucco restoration
metal railings after
metal railings before
mid-production crack
mid-production front
mid-production patch
mid-production tower
railings after
rear entry after
rear entry before
stairs mid-production
stucco patch after
stucco patch mid-production
window after
window before

Custom Historic Makeover in Premier Park Hill

Assessment: This homeowner had noticed LIME’s craftsman restoring stucco homes in the neighborhood and called to Get Limed. His hard coat stucco home was categorized as a distressed project due to the extensive stucco failure in the form of crumbling and breaking away stucco. The unique architecture of this home and the fact that it had not been serviced in many years caused extreme cracking and substrate damage. This project was much more than just a paint project and required LIME to tend to the worn stucco first.

Advice: LIME knew that there would be an immense amount of scraping after the power wash phase of the project, so the crew of five took 1 1/2 days to scrape failed product and compromised stucco. This revealed a new canvas of prep and LIME was able to identify new stucco paths that would need to be addressed. LIME applied a restoration bonding primer to all patches of failed paint product to ensure an ideal profile for the topcoat to be applied to. A premium paint would be the only product that LIME would apply to this home, so the homeowners agreed. LIME applied Duration by Sherwin Williams with a satin finish, which would establish integrity in the home. This homeowner was thrilled with the transformation and happily submitted a written review!

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