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Luxury Real Estate Trends in 2023: Paint Colors for Your New Home

Last year was significant, since you bought your new home. This year, the plan is to make some changes that put your personal stamp on the place. One of the first things that you plan on doing is repainting. 

Along with determining which of the local professional residential painters in Denver CO will do the work, you also need to make decisions about the color scheme. Whether your goal is to transform the exterior’s look or rework the colors used indoors, it pays to have some idea of what’s popular. Here are some suggestions for your consideration.

Factors That Influence Color Choices

A lot of thought goes into choosing colors for interiors and exteriors. To some degree, there is overlap in how you choose something to use inside and what’s selected for the outside. You’ll also find that there are also factors unique to each type of painting project. 

One constant that will apply to all residential painting projects is your personal taste. Whatever colors are selected, they must be ones that you like and can live with for at least a few years. No one wants to come home every day and stare at a color choice that leaves them thinking “why did I ever choose that?”. 

With that in mind, here are some of the other factors that should play into your final choices. Put them to good use, and the colors chosen are likely to agree with you for a long time.

Interior Color Choices

  • The room’s function: what’s the room used for? Colors you choose for bedrooms will likely be different from what you want to use in the kitchen. At the same time, living room choices may be a little different from what you decide to do with the hallway. 
  • Dimensions matter: It’s not just the square footage that you want to take into account. Consider the shape of the space. Do you have an open floor plan that includes an “L” shaped space for the living and dining areas? How about a sloping ceiling in a bedroom? 
  • Natural Light: how much direct and indirect sunlight enters the space for most of the day? Your goal is to ensure the color scheme combined with the lighting tends to make people feel welcome in the room, rather than if they are entering a foreboding space. 
  • Furnishings: Take cues from the furniture and accessories that you plan on using within the room. One of the minor colors in the upholstery may be just what you want. Conversely, you may want to use a contrasting color that makes the pieces with solid colors tend to stand out more. 

You’ll find that professionals with interior house painting services in Denver CO can guide you through selection steps that apply specifically to your home’s interior. Look closely at what the expert recommends, and feel free to use technology to get an idea of what those colors would look like. The effort will pay off every time you enter the room and like what you see. 

Exterior Color Choices

With exterior paint jobs, there are a few points that you will want to ponder closely. Doing so helps avoid any complications later. It will also mean that when you pull up in the driveway, you can look at the home with pride rather than wonder what ever led you to choose that particular color scheme. Keep the following in mind. 

  • Homeowner Association Rules and Regulations: If you live in a gated community or if there’s a strong homeowner’s association, there are likely some specifics about what sort of exterior colors can be used. Running afoul of those rules could be costly; along with having to repaint, you may incur fines. 
  • Local Ordinances: Living in a historic district could also mean there are specifics to follow if you want to change the home’s exterior color. Fortunately, you can usually get help from a local agency and find out which colors are considered appropriate. 
  • Fitting In With The Neighborhood: You may notice that some of the best looking homes in the area make use of particular interior colors. Since you like the idea of maintaining the visual unity of the area, opting for using one or more of those colors would be a safe bet. 
  • The Home’s Exterior Design: Do consider the architectural design when considering various exterior color schemes. The fact is that some colors look much better on houses with particular styles. 

As with interior paint choices, you don’t have to feel as if the weight of the decision rests solely on your shoulders. Ask a contractor with one of the local exterior house painting services in Denver CO for some suggestions, and find out what those suggestions were made. That can create a short list of options that you can narrow down to the final choices.

Trending Colors For The Home’s Exterior

So what’s popular for home exteriors in 2023: Consider the following and see how each one would apply as either a primary color or one that’s perfect for the trim:

  • Shades of Black: While it may not be surprising that black has long been a solid choice for trim work, some property owners are choosing to make it the primary exterior color. This can be striking if you have lots of greenery already going on in the landscaping. Black takes on a sophisticated look when paired with the right lighter color for the trim. 
  • Deep Grays: Gray remains popular this year, with the darker shades taking center stage. This is another option that works well with grounds that are landscaped to include greenery with pops of color during different seasons. Consider pairing it with a simple white trim, or possibly another shade of gray that’s a little lighter. 
  • Darker Greens: Jewel tones may not rule the day in 2023, but that doesn’t mean green is out of the question. Here, you’re looking to go with greens that are commonly found in nature, but are darker than most varieties of grass. Green can help the home to visually blend with the landscape, and can be enhanced with the use of a light contrasting trim color. 
  • Off Whites: If the idea of darker shades for the home’s exterior leave you feeling a little cold, you can always go with something more traditional. There’s no need to go all the way back to a standard bright white; opt for a shade that’s a little more subdued. Something in an eggshell shade would work well with most home exteriors. You may even go a little deeper and step just outside the white family, and go with ecru. Pair with a darker green, gray, black, or even navy blue for the trim to give the exterior some pop. 
  • Deeper Blues: Medium to dark blue also works well with a number of homes, especially those built in the last few decades. Contrast once again helps to give the home’s exterior a finished look. Choose something that is lighter and helps to frame the home’s outline well. 

What’s Popular For Residential Interiors

Perhaps your focus is on the interior. What can you choose that works well with different rooms? You may decide to use one color in varying shades for the home’s common areas, and go with something different for private areas like bedrooms. Try these ideas and see what you think.

  • Green and white for the kitchen: Consider what the kitchen would look like if you opted for either green walls paired with white cabinetry, or the reverse combination. Either way, you create something that’s welcoming, and likely to not look out of date any time soon.
  • Subtle neutral shades for the living and dining rooms: In these rooms, you may want the furnishings, wall art, and other accessories to stand out. That calls for having a more neutral background. Ecru remains a popular choice this year, as does sage, gray, wheat, and even soft gold. All these choices will mean if you decide to change the colors used for furnishings and other elements, the wall color can remain the same. 
  • Restful hues for the bedrooms: Bedrooms should be spaces where you feel like curling up in a comfortable chair, taking a nap, or getting a good night’s sleep. Cooler shades help to set the proper mood. Consider blues, greens, or grays as a way to help create the ideal mood. 
  • Bathrooms and halls can pick up cues from the other parts of the house. Whatever you decide for living and dining rooms, consider carrying the same color scheme over to the hallway. As for the bathroom, choose one of those primary colors to pair with the tile in the bathroom. This helps to maintain a more visually harmonious look throughout the areas people are most likely to visit. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the color choices out there, or feel as if you’re locked in to using a trending color that you don’t like. Work with an expert at a local professional residential painting company in Denver CO to develop a plan, ensure you like the idea, and then go for it. 

Most importantly, leave all of the work to one of the interior exterior house painting services Greenwood Village CO instead of trying to turn this into a do-it-yourself project. The outcome will look better, make use of the right type of paint, and ensure that the place looks great for years to come.