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Stucco Repair in Greenwood Village & Denver, CO

homes regain their curb appeal With Stucco Repair Services in Denver, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, and Nearby Cities

Is your stucco, EIFS, or Dryvit system showing signs of wear and tear? LIME Painting is here to provide industry-leading stucco repair services in Denver, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, and nearby cities. Whether your substrate is experiencing the effects of weathering, has developed hairline cracks, or exhibits signs of bubbling, our expert team can restore and enhance its appearance.

Signs Your Stucco Needs Attention

As stucco surfaces weather, they become porous and susceptible to damage. If you notice hairline cracks, crumbling, buckling, or bubbling on your stucco, EIFS, or Dryvit system, it’s time for maintenance. Additionally, check for water stains, especially in areas where water tends to pool, as these stains can indicate substrate deterioration.

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Maintenance Tips

Elastomeric coatings are essential for stucco repair. These coatings provide a protective barrier, expanding and contracting with substrates while allowing breathability. Avoid acrylic-based coating systems on these substrates, as they won’t withstand expansion and contraction.

The Power of Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings act like a glove, offering a protective layer that prevents further weathering. They are thin and mimic the existing surface, ensuring the texture and appearance remain intact. Plus, a flat finish is available to maintain the original aesthetic.

LIME’s Expert Patches & Skim Coating

If your stucco has turnover or woodpecker holes, our team can match and blend the existing texture seamlessly. We prioritize high-quality stucco repair to deliver results that are virtually unnoticeable. For woodpecker holes, we also offer deterrents like hanging reflective streamers or owl statues.

Quality Stucco Installation

From backer wall to top-coat texture, LIME Painting ensures every layer of your stucco, EIFS, or Dryvit system is installed with precision. Whether it’s a new construction project or a tear-off-and-install, we assess the scope of work, offering careful installation and expertise.

For a free estimate and to learn more about our services, contact LIME Painting today at (720) 310-1180. Trust us to revitalize your stucco, enhancing both its durability and appearance.

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