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About Our Professional Painters in San Antonio, TX

Leading The Team

Loraine and Oscar Sanchez – Owners

Loraine grew up in a small West Texas town. She earned her Master’s in Business Administration from Texas Tech University. While on an international study program on a Caribbean island she and Oscar met and married. As a graduate of AT&T’s Leadership Development Program she held several management positions from call centers, program and project management to marketing positions.

Oscar was born and raised in Cuba. He earned his graduate degree from the University of Havana and became Unix System Admin for the Faculty of Medicine.

San Antonio has been their home for over 20 years. Here they have raised three 3 children, Dr. Oscar Alejandro who lives in Miami, Florida, Miranda, a freshman at San Antonio College and Gianna, a junior at International School of the Americas in San Antonio. The Sanchez family loves traveling, scuba diving, spending time together, serving the community and enjoying Oscar’s extraordinary cooking.

Oscar and Loraine are excited to offer exceptional service and help homeowners fall in love with their homes again by carrying out the LIME Painting values of love, integrity, mission, and excellence.

Marina Peña

Marina Peña was born and raised in South Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She began her career in sales while still in college, but also bartended for a short period of time, so she knows how to make an amazing margarita (always garnished with a LIME).

Everything Marina does, she does with the people she cares about in mind. If it’s Marina coming to your door, she only wants to help you fall that much more in love with your beautiful home.

She chose to work for LIME Painting because Loraine and Oscar only ever do business with their core values in mind. Love, Integrity, Mission, and Excellence. As a team they ensure that if it’s LIME Painting coming to your door, the job is getting done exactly the way that our team would want the job done in their own homes. Marina wouldn’t have it any other way, and she’s excited to meet all the wonderful homeowners she’s destined to meet on this new career path.

Marcela Ordoñez

Meet Marcela Ordoñez, a recent Texas State University graduate who’s now part of the LIME team. Intrigued by LIME’s core values – Love, Integrity, Mission, and Excellence – she found a perfect match with her own beliefs. Marcela is all about diving into marketing tasks, shaping the narrative of a company that truly resonates with her. The idea of transforming dreams into tangible living spaces aligns with Marcela’s passion for creating cozy environments. In leisure moments, you’ll find her with a good book or watching a movie with her friends and family. Joining the LIME family has been an exciting adventure for Marcela as she is excited to be surrounded by incredible individuals in this industry who share a similar enthusiasm for making dreams a reality.

Adia Vega

Meet Adia Vega, her friends call her eighty (yes, just like the number). Adia grew up in a military family and spent half her life living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the other half here in South Texas. Adia has seven years of experience in the Art Direction/ Video production field, earning a scholarship to University of Texas at Austin to study film and design. Being an extrovert in nature, Adia makes friends, not sources clients. If she’s walking you through the LIME process, prepare for a good chat, a professional recommendation based off her background in color theory, and a friend at LIME. Adia joined the LIME team for their core values and their LIME-LIGHT outreach program. As a philanthropist herself starting a non-profit at sixteen called Good Deed Revolution she knew LIME would be a perfect fit!

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LIME Painting’s Professional Painters Do More than Painting, Coatings & Surface Restoration in San Antonio, TX

LIME Painting of San Antonio, TX is a residential and commercial painting company that specializes in the industry’s best products and procedures to ensure quality prep, quality products, custom results, and lasting impressions. LIME’s team, which consists of LIME Certified Consultants and some of the area’s best professional painters, supports that effort. LIME services interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial properties.

A paint job is important to maintaining the aesthetics as well as the integrity of a home or office space. From a standard repaint to a paint job that’s heavily distressed, LIME is prepared and qualified to take on the task. LIME’s expectation for customer excellence has made us Denver’s most trusted and highly recommended painting company. Working with LIME is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing!


Own A LIME Painting Franchise & Get Into An Exploding Industry

LIME Painting is a company that consistently raises the bar on the home improvement industry. We’ve made it a point to create and set a new standard in terms of client relations by consistently delivering high-quality craftsmanship and flawless customer service. We’re constantly listening to and responding to customer feedback, and we’ve built a solution-driven model that meets and exceeds the expectations of our affluent customers. That model is based on expertise.

LIME Painting focuses solely on high-end homes and businesses in the country’s best markets and we’ve developed a unique opportunity that has minimal competition from other painting franchises. Our founding Denver location generated $9 Million in its first six years in business. Now we’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs who can continue to deliver our high standard of excellence in new, untapped markets. Do you want to be a part of a $400 Billion Industry with minimal no national competitors?  Join LIME Painting and take advantage of this exploding industry.